We are specialized in the manufacturing of large ceramic slabs.
We manufacture, pack and dispatch our ceramics for outdoor table tops throughout the world.
We can supply 12mm-thick ceramics, multilayer ceramics and ceramics paired with glass.

Ceramics, thousands of uses for this high quality material

Ceramics stems from clay processed, modelled and baked according to special steps so as to obtain pottery, porcelain and majolica products as well as building materials, indoor floors and wall coatings. Ceramic products are different and their colours vary according to the composition of the clay and of the other materials used to manufacture them, such as feldspars, iron oxides, alumina, quartz and silica sand.

The stoneware represents one of the mostly-used kinds of ceramics in the building sector as it is used to manufacture stove tiles for kitchens and bathrooms as well as single-fired unglazed tiles and its colour changes according to its iron components. However, ceramics is also used to manufacture bricks, bathroom fixtures and mechanical components for motors and turbines. Thanks to a material renowned since prehistory and used for the first handmade products dating back to the Neolithic and discovered in Japan. Later on, when lathe was invented, perfectly-symmetrical objects started to be easily manufactured and ceramic products started to be refined according to a series of aesthetic features till when porcelain evolved in China.

ECM Vetreria has started processing ceramics to widen its manufacturing skills and to approach new markets. Processing this material as professionals and with the utmost care for details give birth to products that are unique thanks to their particular characteristics. ECM Vetreria has started a continuous research programme to manufacture handmade products and objects featuring an extremely-high aesthetic level according to complex and refined processing methods.

Ceramic furniture and accessories, the new trends

Furniture fashion and trends continuously change and evolve and, as far as we are concerned, so do the rich world of manufacturing materials. Therefore, materials which in the past were totally dedicated to outdoor, now can be used indoor thanks to new styles. Recently, the use of ceramics has become popular: it was used for bathrooms and bathroom fixtures or for outdoor furniture and accessories, but now this valuable material is used in living rooms or kitchens where it is paired with ad hoc furniture.

Let’s think about a table made of wood, steel or wrought iron, alternatively, and equipped with a wonderful as well as vintage mosaic top made of ceramic tiles. Such a furniture accessory has always been dedicated to outdoor relax and to the image of quiet afternoons spent in green home gardens while tasting a good cup of tea at the sunset.

Those who work with ceramics are aware that this kind of tables and in general furniture with ceramic tops are becoming more and more popular for indoor spaces: from kitchens and living rooms to bedrooms, this new trend brings outdoor materials, shapes and patterns indoor and therefore designing plans and manufacturing methods must suit their new position.